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Every year, hundreds of thousands of people make the transition from employee to entrepreneur and business owner. But while some succeed – others fail! In addition, thousands of existing businesses close their doors each year. Why? Many of those who fail do so because they were not prepared for the necessary changes associated with continued business success.

marketingLet’s talk about the potential of using new New Media Marketing Technologies!

In sales and marketing there is something referred to as the “Marketing Technologies Pyramid.” Whether you are using New Media Marketing or traditional promotion, the Marketing Technologies Pyramid is comprised of three different attributes, all of which must be present in a prospect before a sale is even possible.

If you carefully examine each of these three elements, you’ll gain a greater understanding of the sales process, and you WILL make more sales – especially when using new media marketing technologies!


It stands to reason that there needs to be a desire – but many sales professionals still overlook this most basic element.

If your prospect doesn’t desire the product or service that you are offering, there is little chance that a sale will occur. Yes, we do make some purchases based on our “needs” – but this is the exception rather than the rule.

If you want to improve your sales, you must first look for prospects that are likely to want what you have to offer. With that accomplished, you can do your best to highlight the very best benefits offered by your product or service in an effort to intensify their natural desire.

This is one of the reasons that social media and new media marketing has become so powerful. Sites like Facebook and Twitter make it easy for new media marketers to find prospects strictly by their interests.


Sometimes, you’ll find a prospect has a desire for your product or service but not the willingness to actually pay for it.

brandFor example, most would say that they’d LOVE to have a new Ferrari. But, how many would be willing to pay upwards of $200,000 – even if they had the money to do that?

In order to increase someone’s willingness, you have to detail the benefits and explain why the product or service is a great value.

You also have to key in on the prospect’s main desires, because if the desire is strong enough, they WILL become much more willing.


Even if you find that the prospect has the required desire and willingness, you might still be unable to close the deal based strictly on their ability.

Going back to the Ferrari example; you might find that a prospect wants a new Ferrari and would be willing to pay for it if they could… but they just can’t!

Most people fall into this category!

But when you have all three elements of the marketing technologies pyramid working in concert with each other – you make the sale! But, if your sales are slower than you’d like, you may need to re-examine your offer to see if it can be improved.

If you find your offer is solid, it may be that you just need to do a better job finding targeted prospects.

crush-competitionToday there ARE ways that you can CRUSH your competition without breaking the bank! And there are also ways that this can be done without having to learn a lot of new sales and new media marketing technologies and techniques – and without taking further time away from your already busy schedule! This is where Marketing Technologies! comes into play.

Through consulting, coaching, mentoring, and education we support and inspire entrepreneurs and business owners to become stronger and assist them in crushing their competition! Our specialty is working with small and mid-sized companies from startup to $100 million in sales. We help our clients stay passionate about their business, which keeps us passionate about our own.

Promoting your business online is the single largest marketing opportunity available to the business owner today. Marketing Technologies! is different than other marketing firms. We look at your marketing needs from a business consultant’s perspective and then work with you to develop an online presence through video marketing, lead capture and follow-up, local search visibility, and social media and blog marketing.

We offer a full line of small business coaching and consulting services and related products, including advice on starting and growing a small business, business operations analysis, management consulting, marketing and business operations consulting.

Our online marketing technologies include website design, search engine optimization, online video, local search marketing, mobile website design, reputation marketing, and much more – all of which increases traffic to your website and your business.

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Contact us for all your New Media marketing needs! Today, you can grow your business the smart, painless way with Marketing Technologies! Let us help you grow YOUR business! 

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